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This is a forward transport service that allows the most experienced kiters to find favorable wind conditions throughout the lake, and most importantly how to make kite safely without thoughts and stress just thinking about fun !!!

Pricing table

Service Equipment Price
1 Session Lift Own € 30.00
1 Session Lift Easykite € 80.00
1 Session + Supervision Own € 50.00
1 Session + Supervision Easykite € 100.00
5 + 1 FREE
Own € 150.00
Easykite € 350.00

Orari Lift


The meeting point is at 7.30am in the school; all equipment must be ready at that time. Wind Peler from north.


The meeting point is at 1.00pm in the school; all equipment must be ready at that time. Wind Ora from south

Times can vary according to the weather forecast. When approaching the pick up time from the water (this will be communicated to you in advance) all members must look out for the rescue boat and try to navigate near it; this will make the pick-up service easier to complete.


  • You must be a member of Easykite A.s.d.
  • You must be over 18. If not, a signed parental authorization must be presented
  • you must possess a certification card marking the level achieved (IKO – VDWS – FIV – FISN)
  • If you don’t have one you can get it through our service “lift with supervision”
  • You must have knowledge of the Navigation Code/right of way in the water
  • You must possess the right equipment (your own equipment or rented equipment – only inflatable kites are allowed) together with the original safety systems
  • You must possess a CE approved lifejacket, and you must possess a helmet if you are using the leash on the board

ADVICE: please write your name and phone number on your kite and board. In the unlikely event of losing them in the water , someone will bring them back to you!

Preparation of the equipment

When meeting for the first time you will be shown how to correctly prepare your equipment. A preliminary meeting will be therefore organised before going out. Our staff is always ready to answer any request. Just ask !!!

Rules for

lift service.

The lift service begins when the kiter jumps into the water. It is therefore your decision whether to get into the water or not, and that depends on your physical abilities and the weather conditions in that moment.
The service will be considered used even if the member isn’t at the meeting point at the scheduled time.
The drop off area/ navigation area / pick up area will be communicated once on the boat and that will depend on the weather conditions. In the search of the best wind conditions, such areas may vary each time.
For safety reasons, please follow the instructions of the person in charge at all times, and respect the Navigation Code rules.
All members must navigate in the predefined area. This will make the pick up service, and possible rescues easier to complete.
The person in charge can at any time interrupt the lift service, even before the scheduled time. This may be necessary for safety reasons (bad weather conditions, emergencies, if a member doesn’t respect the boundaries, or other) Such decision is indisputable and no reimbursements will be made.
The order of entering and exiting the water is decided by the person in charge.
Teachers/assistants/people in charge of the lift service and Easykite Surfing Lab a.s.d. will not be responsible for any damage to the equipment and/or people/animals during the activity of kitesurfing.
Each member is responsible of their own equipment, its safe preparation, and entry in the water , as previously instructed at the time of the first meeting.
All members are advised that the lift service does not include the relaunch of the kite from the water and does not include the preparation of the equipment.
In the event of using equipment of the Easykite Surfing Lab a.s.d. school, please return it in the same way it was: dry, all ropes must be free of knots and correctly rolled onto the bar. Easykite Surfing Lab a.s.d. may charge for any damages of the rented equipment.




EASYKITE Surfing Lab a.s.d Viale Roma 38, 37018 Malcesine (VR) Italy

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