Easykite is a kitecenter and kiteschool located in the heart of Malcesine and enjoys a unique location on the northeastern shore of Lake Garda north of the province of Verona, on the border with Trentino.

The history of Malcesine revolves around the Castello Scaligero and the Palace of the Captains, and its peculiarity is given by the characteristic streets of the old town full of shops and restaurants that characterize it, there is also hotel facilities equipped for the reception of all kinds of demands.

The reason why our kitecenter is located in Malcesine is the presence and constancy of the wind that blows almost 360 days a year.

On regular windy days, in the morning it is hit by the Pèler, the famous northerly wind that in the late morning drops in intensity and gives way to the Ora, the wind from the south, weaker and more regular. Malcesine is the perfect place for both beginners and experts.