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In the prices of all our courses we have already included everything we need to do the best practice of this wonderful sport.
  • Equipment (kite, trapezoid, mud, shoe, helmet, board, life-buoy CE approved, spot transport)
  • Costs and insurance: 10 € per year

Theoretical lessons begin every day at 11 AM
Practical lessons begin at 7:30 AM and in the afternoon at 1 PM

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Theory (ground)

  • Introduction to the equipment (kite and accessories)
  • Kite and security preparations
  • Kite flying theory (flight windows)

Practice (in water)

  • Boat kite piloting with the instructor
  • Kite piloting in water with instructor supervision
  • Bodydrag (body and kite control in water)

only € 80 all inclusive!

Corsi personalizzati

Basic course
€ 240

2 theoretical lessons / practical kite and table (at instructor's discretion). Full lesson 8 hours about 2 days !!

Starts and navigation
€ 240

2 lezioni teorico/pratiche, (Kite e tavola) su due giornate full lesson, 8 ore circa.

Beginner course
+ Starts and navigation
€ 440

4 theoretical / practical lessons for about 16 hours. A total of 4 unforgettable days together with our instructors.

Lesson with instructor

Lesson with instructor

1 Practical lesson
with own equipment – 80,00 €
with Easykite equipment – 100,00 €
1 Practical theoretical lesson
with owm equipment – 120,00 €
with Easykite equipment – 140,00 €

Lesson with instructor

Lesson with instructor

1 Practical theoretical Freestyle lesson – 90,00 €
2 Practical theoretical Freestyle lessons – 150,00 €

In both cases the lesson will take place starting from the level required by the student.

Lesson with instructor

Lesson with instructor

- Pack 5 lessons (practical) – 450,00 €
- Pack 10 lessons (practical) – 850,00 €

The discounted price of the packages is reserved if sold at the time of the agreement.

2 sessions daily: Morning meeting 7:30 am to 10:30 am. Afternoon meeting 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
On days with no wind during the morning the school will open at 10:30




EASYKITE Surfing Lab a.s.d Viale Roma 38, 37018 Malcesine (VR) Italy

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